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Customer Onboarding in Financial Services

Customer Onboarding in Financial Services

Frustrating customer onboarding experiences are resulting in lost customers, slow time-to-cash cycles, poor productivity, and an increased risk of regulator fines for non-compliance. But there's a better way to work. Learn more in this Customer Onboarding resource. 

Benefits of Automation in Customer Onboarding in Financial Services

You’re probably wondering how all of this affects your bottom line. Well, here‘s the good news. By giving digital workers the heavy lifting tasks and your people the high-value activities, here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • 75% cost reduction of customer onboarding as part of KYC
  • 98.5% payment screening straight through processing
  • 66% reduction in false positives incorrectly identified as potential crimes 
  • 92% reduction in account review time (3 hours to 15 minutes)

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