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Industry Data Sheet: Financial Services

“[At Mashreq] close to 97% of our financial transactions are originated and processed digitally, almost 80% of our non-financial transactions are run by robotic process.”

Financial Services Companies Need to Respond Quickly in the Face of Mounting Pressure on Profits and Changing Customer Demands

Financial Services institutions are under pressure on many different fronts as they strive to grow profits and revenues. Against a backdrop of economic and political uncertainty, they are renewing their organizations to build agile and innovative companies for the future. They are focusing their efforts and investments on addressing changing customer demands, competition from new market entrants, sophisticated financial criminals and continuing waves of regulatory requirements.

Intelligent Automation: Bringing a New Breed of Technologies to Deliver Strategic Transformation

Automation has been established in financial services organizations for many years and Blue Prism has been at the heart of the first wave of driving productivity and efficiency. Digital Workers already automate many of the processes that are holding back organizations with large and inflexible legacy estates and large amounts of unstructured data. With the advent and development of new technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Digital Interfaces, Blue Prism is now helping to deliver transformation through Intelligent Automation. Blue Prism’s RPA and Intelligent Automation allows you to seamlessly bring the world class technology to meet the challenges of regulation and compliance, customer experience, financial crime, and IT and Business Operations.

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