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Industry Data Sheet: Hospitality

“Implementing Blue Prism not only has saved us time and money, but it has allowed us to deliver information that enables our hotel community to optimize their business based on up-to-date and consistent data.”

Getting Personal: Digitally-Savvy Travelers Increasingly Expect a Tailored Experience From Their Hospitality Providers

Consumer expectations of the hospitality industry are rapidly changing. Consumers want a digitalized experience. They want personalization. They want ‘off the beaten track’ adventures. Industry leaders must update their technology to provide the best service to these digitally active consumers. At the same time, leaders must look at tech-enabled solutions to increase operational efficiency, manage increasing data demands and improve customer loyalty.

Winning Customer Loyalty with Intelligent Automation

  • Create Loyal Customers: eliminate friction in the booking process from start to finish, connect guests to local activities for a true cultural experience, collate the data to create stand out loyalty schemes
  • Optimize the Back Office: free up the finance team for revenue generation, greater agility for regulatory change, reducing compliance costs, improve data management for security and intelligent analytics
  • Digitalize the Customer Journey: deliver a seamless digital experience for customers, integrate new technologies with the old to quickly deliver new customer options, enable customization for a truly personalized customer experience

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