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Industry Data Sheet: Insurance

“[A Digital Worker] cut down [beneficiary designation processing] to less than two minutes and saved our team 60 to 70 hours per week—and not only increased the productivity of our service team and their work life… but we improved the customer experience because now they could see in real time that their beneficiary had been updated online.”

Insurance Companies are Adopting Intelligent Automation to Succeed in a Changing Industry

The rise of industry disruptors and price transparency, together with a changing global climate, new customers expectations and regulatory scrutiny, are bringing change to an industry that has often been regarded as reactive when it comes to investment and innovation. Insurance companies are emerging from the shadows to build a new future for the industry that embraces new technologies and transforms the customer experience.

The Journey From RPA to Intelligent Automation: A Key Next Step for Insurers

  • Transform the Customer Service: create new improved service offerings from greater data insight, build bespoke offers for customers to improve customer satisfaction, provide faster policy approvals with automated KYC
  • Detect Fraud at Speed: check customer history faster for improved decision making, improve fraud pattern detection with RPA & claims process automation, detect anomalies in individual claims to detect potential fraud and criminal activity
  • Change the Underwriting Equation: faster decision making through reduced data collection time, more accurate risk assessment from aggregated customer data, improve throughput of low risk cases, increasing time spent analyzing high risk cases

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