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Industry Data Sheet: Transportation and Logistics

"The adoption of the RPA system brings Milaha closer to delivering on its multifaceted strategy to automate the workplace, which will free the company’s staff to focus on complex higher-value tasks and client engagement, ultimately maximizing efficiency and accuracy.”

Keeping Up With Customers—An Ongoing Challenge for Transportation and Logistics Providers

It is a time of massive change for the transportation and logistics industry. From digital transformation to new innovative competition to evolving customer expectations for instant gratification. Remaining competitive in the face of such change and growing complexity is a challenge.

Transforming Transportation and Logistics Providers With RPA and Intelligent Automation

  • Transform the Customer Journey: faster response to customer contacts and complaints, greater visibility of shipment status and delivery,  rapid adaptability to customer demand and feedback
  • Optimize Freight Management: seamless integration with partner systems, streamlined freight management across air, land and sea, faster reaction to price changes and market conditions
  • Turn Data Into Insight: turn data into information for improved decision making, improve supply and demand forecasting and planning, enable predictive maintenance for minimized downtime, improved performance and increased throughput

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