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Modernizing Insurance Tech Ecosystems with SS&C Blue Prism

Create a new insurance legacy of agility and productivity with intelligent automation

Legacy systems have become a stubborn piece in the insurance industry’s transformation puzzle. With legacy embedded throughout an insurance business, the solution is not as simple as removing the old and replacing it with the new.

SS&C | Blue Prism® Intelligent Automation (IA) offers a better way. Its smart digital workforce and automation toolkit support the introduction of new technology and systems and help to phase out the old in a way that makes sense for the individual insurer.

Digital workers can perform the manual tasks that humans do, working between systems to connect and standardize data and create a sustainable ecosystem. Furthermore, the work done by a digital workforce is accurate, fast and can be audited.

Modernizing Legacy Systems with RPA and Intelligent Automation

Complexity and cost are two primary barriers to solving the legacy problem. However, an intelligent digital workforce is a cost-effective way to improve interoperability in the short term and solve issues with data movement, consolidation and standardization in the long term. 

Because technology moves so quickly, even systems built five years ago can be considered legacy. More software and data are in the cloud, and vendors are moving to cloud-only models. Many of the older systems are not open enough to easily and inexpensively connect with new software, data sources and Insurtech systems. They cannot support the digital ecosystems required to digitize customer journeys. IA is the connective tissue that creates an efficient technology ecosystem between the old and the new.

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