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Smart Workflow Solution

Deloitte and Blue Prism are working together to transform the way that users interact and engage with SAP. Our Smart Workflow solution is designed to automate common processes, such as sales order approvals, to fundamentally change the way teams operate"

Transforming how users engage with SAP

Organizations utilize SAP Workflows to perform a variety of tasks, such as creating and approving sales orders, managing MDG approvals, and completing Ariba purchase requisitions. These workflows can be time-consuming, complex, and manual as they often require engagement from multiple users across the enterprise. 

Users are required to log into SAP and navigate the system manually in order to advance the workflow, which can lead to elongated timelines and business disruption. Some of these users might not otherwise engage with SAP outside of the workflow approval process, which can make them bottlenecks when they are not able to log in and perform the required actions in a timely manner. It also hinders these users’ ability to focus on strategic, innovative, and high-priority business initiatives.

Learn how Smart Workflow uses intelligent automation to automate SAP Workflows by handling all back-end actions in SAP.

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