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“Tomorrow’s network operations center will have only a man and a dog, the man will be there to feed the dog, and the dog will be there to make sure the man doesn’t touch any of the computing systems.”
George Glass, VP of Architecture & APIs, TM Forum Inform Magazine, “Automation is mandatory for 5G – the question is how?”, Sept. 2019

As Telecoms look to upgrading their networks to 5G to drive new services, they must maintain customer expectations for both the new services and the existing ones as well. ​​ In addition, the cost and complexity of deploying and managing these new services while maintaining an existing network is also a challenge.

Adding to all of this is pressure is to maintain customer expectations for both the new services and the existing ones as well. In such a competitive business, the last thing a telecom wants is a series of network outages.

To meet this challenge, it all starts with examining the Network Operations Center (NOC) and how it is run today, looking at how it can be transformed for the future. Blue Prism Intelligent Automation will aid the resolution of network issues quickly and efficiently and getting it right the first time – improving first time resolution rates that can deliver operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

This will allow Telecoms to move to the future with new technology such as 5G and IoT and solidify their business by generating new services and increasing revenue.

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