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Transforming Telco Contact Centers with Intelligent Automation

Transforming Communications Service Providers (CSPs)

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) strive to provide the most efficient service, but multiple legacy systems, high attrition, training and retraining costs, and scalability make this a challenging goal to attain.

The current pandemic also means that most agents are working from home, even though many CSPs currently lack the technology to support remote operations and: call center agents may not have the bandwidth or expertise to deliver remotely day-to-day. All of this can impact customer service, create regulatory complications, and result in downstream processes that are incomplete and customer queries that build up or go unanswered.

In the age of COVID-19, where urgency underpins most calls, telecom contact centers must find a way to meet customer expectations, while shortening the time it takes to address several steps in the resolution process.

Now, by deploying intelligent automation as contact center automation, CSPs can transform their services.

Business Benefits:

  • Reduction of employee turnover and training costs
  • Significant reduction of average handling times (AHT) 
  • Improved first-time-fix rate across all customer agents
  • Reduction in operating costs by 30%
  • Fast deployment and ROI within 3 months

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