10 Steps To Seamlessly Implement Intelligent Automation Within TOCs And ROSCOs

The immediate future for rail travel is immensely challenging, but longer term there is also huge uncertainty about how rail transport will look once the current crisis has passed.

  • a significant shift towards remote working
  • highly doubtful that passenger numbers on trains will ever return to their normal levels
  • need to reassure passengers about the viability of rail travel
  • transform their operations for a very different post-COVID landscape
  • the urgency and scale of the changes has pushed aside many of the barriers to innovation

TOCs and ROSCOs now have a once-in-a-generation chance to re-imagine every part of their operations, from customer experience and staffing and resourcing, through to revenue generation and fleet management.

This infographic explores 10 steps to seamlessly implement intelligent automation within TOCs and ROSCOs.

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