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Complexity can be a challenge to organizations of any size. As companies grow, they add employees, customers, systems, interfaces and data. Leading companies are facing this challenge using imagination, Blue Prism connected-RPA, and cognitive automation to simplify operations.

Download the latest Just Add Imagination infographic to learn how a bank was able to reinvent costly and error-prone manual payment, transfer, and loan processes and save millions of dollars each year by using connected-RPA, machine learning and pattern recognition.

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Achieving Agility at Scale with Blue Prism's Connected-RPA and Combinatory Innovation

Blue Prism helps business stay agile, even as they grow. Watch the video to learn how pharmaceutical, energy and media companies are using connected-R...

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Mashreq Bank and Blue Prism: Transforming Trade Finance with Intelligent Automation

Mashreq Bank leverages Blue Prism's connected-RPA to optimize their business processes. In trade finance, the bank has delivered significant benefits ...

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Just add imagination

Just Add Imagination

Imagination gives us the freedom to combine the tools we have in reach to create new capabilities and generate new value. Blue Prism’s connected-RPA i...

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Automation you can bank on…

Intelligent automation is grown-up, governed, enterprise-ready, people-first automation that’s smart, secure, scalable and way more successful than desktop task-bots.

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