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The Life or Death of Scalability and the Role of a New Digital Talent in Scalability

Time: 32:44
Transform NOW Podcast The Life or Death of Scalability and the Role of a New Digital Talent in Scalability

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Scalability stopped being just a business buzzword when COVID-19 hit the scene.

Even the most sophisticated supply chains couldn’t keep pace with daily needs we used to take for granted – toilet paper, bleach wipes, Purell, meat. Unemployment claims overwhelmed government systems.

Blue Prism’s Innovation Center is dedicated to tackling trillion-dollar problems like these using ingenuity, imagination, and creativity.

On this episode of Generation Digital Workforce, we spoke with Chieng Moua, Vice President of Innovation at Blue Prism; Nick Rudy, Technical Innovation Manager at Blue Prism; and Meredith Clinton, Engagement Manager at Blue Prism about how “Digital Talent” can help address scaling challenges and do less with more with Digital Talent that’s “smart as a human and fast as a robot”.

Here's what we talked with Chieng, Nick, and Meredith about:

  • Solving Trillion Dollar Problems with a new Digital Workforce
  • How did Digital Workers save 100,000 jobs during COVID-19?
  • Increase your ROI in Digital Transformation with a new workforce
  • How does a library of digital talent change the world?
  • RPA and Recruiting – when talent becomes digital.
  • What happens when COVID drives your digital transformation?

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