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RPA Support for National Emergency Response to COVID-19

Time: 56:30
Transform NOW Podcast with Anna Twomey and Dr. Dale Meyerrose

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A crisis happens. You need a taskforce immediately. But is your team ready and available?

If not, you'll be left searching for the people and data you need to make effective decisions. RPA and the digital workforce can provide that surge capacity.

But what can the digital workforce handle? How can it assist during a crisis?

On this episode of Generation Digital Workforce, Dr. Dale Meyerrose, retired Major General of the US Air Force and now a partner at RIDGE-LANE Limited Partners, and Anna Twomey, Healthcare Solutions Advisor at Blue Prism, discuss the value digital workers can bring in a crisis.

Here's what we talked with Dale and Anna about:

  • How RPA can change the way leaders look at the initial moments of a crisis response
  • Examples of the healthcare assistance a digital workforce can provide during a crisis
  • How RPA allows an organization to scale by taking on mundane tasks and events
  • The role a digital workforce can play in a post-crisis-response audit.

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