Podcast | 22

Leveraging Advanced AI in the Cloud to Drive Business Outcomes

Time: 22:14
Transform NOW Podcast with Michael McLaughlin of Blue Prism

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The Blue Prism Cloud offers a digital workforce with rapid-deployment of advanced AI and management functions, but it’s all about the outcomes that the organization is driving. Whether that means speed-to-market, integrated AI to support intelligent digital workers for accomplishing advanced operations, or scaling to meeting the heavy demands of the organization’s workload, Blue Prism Cloud delivers on the outcomes.

This week we spoke with Michael McLaughlin, Global Alliances Director for Blue Prism Cloud.

Here’s what we talked with Michael about:

  • Blue Prism Cloud integrates advanced AI to support new ways to manage the digital workforce
  • Leveraging the cloud offers flexibility in building a digital workforce that meets the needs of the organization
  • The rapid availability of the Blue Prism Cloud’s digital workforce has been used to support organizations struggling to meet demands due to COVID-19

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