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Perspectives on RPA from the Identity Management Side of the Coin

Time: 27:22
Transform NOW Podcast with Alan Radford of One Identity

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Human beings have roles beyond their activities. They need performance reviews and access to buildings, for instance. They have careers. Humans have a complex identity. What about robots?

Robots are created and destroyed far more quickly and far more simply than an individual's employment is created and destroyed. Which leads to questions: How is this entity being created? How is it achieving what it's been created to achieve? And what do we do with it when it no longer achieves what it's supposed to?

On this episode of Generation Digital Workforce, Alan Radford, Regional CTO at One Identity, discusses his perspective on RPA from the identity management side of the coin.

Here's what we talked with Alan about:

  • What is RPA and how identity management customers leverage it
  • The lifespan of a digital worker
  • The three key pillars to an identity access governance program
  • Mitigating risk in a virtual world
  • Future developments as digital workforces become more ubiquitous across enterprises

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