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When Humans *ARE* the Artificial Intelligence

Time: 45:04
Transform NOW Podcast with Paul Nerger of Blue Prism

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In the 1770s, a Hungarian inventor named Wolfgang von Kempelen developed a machine he called the Mechanical Turk, a mechanical skeleton dressed in traditional Ottoman garb that had the ability to play chess. It was the artificial intelligence of its day.

But the Mechanical Turk had a secret. It used the ultimate neural net — the human brain. There was actually a human chess player hidden inside the contraption. The whole thing was an illusion. What does the Mechanical Turk tell us about RPA and the deployment of AI today?

On this episode of Generation Digital Workforce, Paul Nerger, Vice President of Digital Exchange at Blue Prism, discusses artificial artificial intelligence.

Here's what we talked with Paul about:

  • What we can do with a digital worker and AI combined
  • What trends impact the deployment of the digital workforce inside companies today
  • What types of jobs digital workers will take on in the next 24 months
  • What skills our digital counterparts need to continue learning for us to get there

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