Podcast | 27

The CFO as Automation Champion

Time: 15:22
Transform NOW Podcast with Michael Ovalles and Mukesh Shah of FTI Consulting

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Digital transformation is often associated with the Chief Information Officer and/or Chief Digital Officer roles. However, in many companies, the Chief Financial Officer is often best positioned to sponsor and/or lead digital initiatives, such as automation.

On this episode of Generation Digital Workforce, Blue Prism’s Brad Hairston talks with Michael Ovalles and Mukesh Shah from FTI Consulting’s Office of the CFO Solutions practice, who explains how the CFO is uniquely qualified to drive the automation agenda in the post-pandemic era.

Here’s what we talked with Michael and Mukesh about:

  • Where automation ranks as a priority on most corporate agendas these days
  • The importance of a strong business case and linkage to KPI improvement in evaluating automation investments
  • The role the CFO will play in automation efforts
  • What makes the CFO best suited to lead the automation effort at most companies
  • Why CFOs often find themselves taking on a role historically associated with the CIO or CDO
  • Some examples of CFOs who are leading automation programs
  • Examples of uses cases in finance such as back office automation and payroll automation
  • What will it take for CFOs to be effective as champions for digital transformation during the chaotic days ahead

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