Podcast | 29

Automation at Scale: Healthcare Payers

Time: 21:52
Transform NOW Podcast with Prashanth Brahmandam of McKinsey & Company

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Healthcare payer organizations are facing both top and bottom-line pressures due to the COVID crisis and while the potential for automation is very high, many of these payer firms have not made substantial progress in streamlining their operations.

McKinsey’s Prashanth Brahmandam explores a number of these issues and provides some strategic steps that healthcare providers can take to improve their efficiencies while they are recovering from the challenges posed by the global pandemic.

Here’s what we talked with Prashanth about:

  • Cost and efficiency pressures facing healthcare payer organizations
  • Employee management in the face of an aging workforce nearing retirement
  • Automation to support a broad application landscape where efficiencies are often difficult to obtain
  • Building a sustainable impact by adopting a digital workforce

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