Podcast | 31

Organizational Planning for a Digital Transformation

Time: 28:21
Transform NOW Podcast with Kathie Topel and Ken Thomas of Protiviti

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As organizations adopt a digital workforce to support automaton, leadership must consider the implications on people over the long term.

In this episode, Michael Marchuk talks with Kathie Topel and Ken Thomas from Protiviti about building plans and metrics that will help the organization communicate to their employees but also assist these employees with accepting the changes and embracing the future of work. Subtle nuances with messaging can affect employees greatly, so it is critical to get the tone right when developing the communications plan.

Here’s what we talked with Kathie and Ken about:

  • "Top down" thinking when re-designing the organization
  • Digital transformation as a thought process and a way of working differently
  • Building out a communications plan that embraces the human side of working
  • Mastering the messaging when talking with employees about automation

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