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Introducing Industrial Revolution 5.0

Time: 20:52
Transform NOW Podcast with Eric Maloney of Blue Prism

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We are currently living in the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0, the Age of Intelligence. However, all signs point to the fact that we’ve reached the precipice of Industrial Revolution 5.0, Autonomous Automation.

On this episode, two members of Blue Prism’s Advisory Team, Brad Hairston and Eric Maloney, discuss the onset of Autonomous Automation and its implications for enterprise organizations and society at large.

Here’s what Brad discussed with Eric:

  • Why it is important to bring forward a point of view on Industrial Revolution 5.0 at this time
  • Do we call it “Industrial” or “Technological” revolution?
  • A refresher on the four major industrial revolutions that have occurred to date
  • Some commonalities across the industrial revolutions
  • The overarching goal of all industrial revolutions
  • An overview of Industrial Revolution 5.0 – the era of Autonomous Automation
  • The current and future drivers for Autonomous Automation
  • Where we go from here

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