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36. How Intelligent Automation in the Cloud Will Become the New Normal

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While the global pandemic has accelerated interest in automation, it has also proven to accelerate interest in cloud-based automation.

On this episode, Blue Prism’s Brad Hairston talks with Purna Doddapaneni, the head of Bain & Company’s Automation Center of Excellence, who explains how companies are showing a strong openness to Intelligent Automation in the cloud and how this trend may not subside any time soon.

Here’s what we talked with Purna about:

  • How the pandemic has made the cloud more “normal” for the enterprise
  • The likelihood of companies backsliding to on-prem once the pandemic subsides
  • The different ways cloud-based automation can be configured
  • The primary reasons companies take interest in cloud-based automation
  • How intelligent automation (RPA + intelligent skills) relates to the cloud
  • Purna’s experience with building out SaaS offerings, specifically RPA as a service
  • Market demand for digital workers sourced through a SaaS model
  • How the private equity sector views the cloud
  • The outlook for cloud-based consumption of digital workers and AI

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