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Interview with Wonderbotz - Evolve Your Finance Department with Intelligent Digital Workers

Time: 42:59
Transform NOW Podcast with Paula P. Carneiro and Amahl Williams of WonderBotz

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As an industry, RPA has been around for about a decade, but we still only see a few businesses using it. Why is it still so small? Is it too late to jump on board with RPA? And if not, how should businesses get started?

On this episode of Generation Digital Workforce, Paula Carneiro and Amahl Williams of WonderBotz talk about how to evolve your finance department with intelligent digital workers.

Here's what Paula and Amahl discussed:

  • Why only a small percentage of businesses are using RPA after a decade
  • Have businesses that haven’t started yet missed the boat?
  • Where is a good place to start hiring digital workers, and why
  • Finance jobs a digital worker could do
  • Could your CFO be a digital worker
  • How companies can get started using digital workers

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