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Is Digital Transformation a Technological Innovation or a Culture Shift?

Time: 46:33
Transform NOW Podcast with Walt Carter of Homestar Financial Corporation

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A lot of us are drawn into technology careers, because it's easier to work with machines than it is to work with humans. But if you want to lead people, you have to meet them face to face, work beside them, and communicate with them. All of that is hard to do digitally.

On this episode of Generation Digital Workforce, we talk with Walt Carter, Chief Digital Officer and CIO with Homestar Financial Corporation, about the culture shift required for digital transformation.

Here is what we discussed with Walt:

  • What kicked off digital transformation?
  • How will being digital and working remotely will impact our workplaces?
  • How do Millennials and Linksters see their role in the workforce and what type of workplace do they expect?

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