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US Cares Act and Digital Workers

Time: 36:11
Transform NOW Podcast with Richard Olivieri of Lateetud and Bruce Mazza of Blue Prism

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Legislation around workforce protection during the pandemic continues to evolve, and more changes are coming in September.

The first impact was felt in processing applications and reacting to customer demands. Humans and digital workers inside banks were processing and activating the loans and forbearance programs. It was a huge undertaking, and it isn't behind us yet.

Five million loan recipients will soon become seven million. So it's time to move from being reactive to being proactive. We need to use data and analytics to drive improved customer service and experience.

In this episode of Generation Digital Workforce, we talk with Richard Olivieri, Vice President, Solutions and Professional Services at Lateetud, and Bruce Mazza, Global VP Technology Alliances/ISVs at Blue Prism. Richard and Bruce discussed the U.S. Cares Act and digital workers.

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