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How Technology Can Help Improve Medicaid Claims Responses

Time: 20:30
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Since the outbreak of COVID 19, countless state and local agencies are bending under mounting pressure to serve their constituents. Most notably, a surge in Medicaid claims has followed a drastic uptick in unemployment across America. States are struggling to keep up with this influx of claims as they try to address backlogs caused by antiquated backend systems. It's a vicious cycle to verify an applicant’s eligibility to meet federal guidelines for claims processing.

There is hope, however. In this episode, Anna Twomey, Senior Solutions Advisor, Americas Healthcare, and Deb Rossi, Sales Director, Public Sector SLED, explore how technology can help break the backlog, improve claims response, and reduce approval time from weeks or months to hours or days.

What we discussed with Anna and Deb:

  • Why states are experiencing a surge in Medicaid claims
  • The single largest trend in states moving through the new Medicaid challenge
  • How technology can help solve the current conundrum and avoid this situation in the future

Resources shared on this episode:

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