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Critical Success Factors When Building an RPA Program

Time: 38:20
Transform NOW Podcast with Shaun Dawson of Robiquity

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When building an RPA program, it is not enough to go out to the market and find people, you also have to train and mentor them. It's also not enough just to have great resources, you also need to have a fantastic model for them to operate in. It's not easy.

How Can You Successfully Onboard a Digital Workforce?

In this episode of Generation Digital Workforce, we talk about that with Shaun Dawson, Chief Executive Officer at Robiquity. Together, we discuss in more detail about:

  • Data discipline
  • Building an automation pipeline
  • Change management
  • Structuring to scale quickly
  • Recruiting the right talent
  • The difference between hyper automation and intelligent automation

Resources shared on this episode:

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