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Leveraging AI to Accelerate the Evolution of Work

Time: 32:15
Transform NOW Podcast with Michael Priddis of Faethm

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Faethm’s AI and SaaS platform delivers data and insights that describe the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in every industry in 152 countries and on 2 billion people. As a Technology Alliance Program partner of Blue Prism, Faethm uncovers data-driven insights on a client’s workforce to support the case for process-automation driven digital transformation.

On this episode, Blue Prism’s Brad Hairston talks with Michael Priddis, the CEO of Faethm, who explains exactly how his solution is helping organizations achieve more rapid digital transformation in this time of uncertainty.

Here’s what we discussed with Michael:

  • Faethm solution overview – how it works and what data it sources from the customer
  • The mechanics of scenario planning with customers to quantify the impact of emerging technologies
  • Faethm’s impact on C-Suite decision-making
  • Market response to Faethm overall and by geography/industry
  • How COVID-19 has changed the way that Faethm is being used by organizations
  • The synergy between Faethm and Blue Prism
  • Why the “Future of Work” expression is problematic
  • A call to action for organizational leaders in the near-term

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