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Uncovering Automation Opportunities Across the Organization

Time: 37:04
Transform NOW Podcast with Jon "Jet" Theuerkauf of Blue Prism

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What should I automate?

This question is asked frequently by organizations new to intelligent automation as well as by those who have begun their automation journey but don’t know where to go next.

On this episode, Blue Prism’s Brad Hairston talks with Jon “Jet” Theuerkauf, Blue Prism’s Chief Customer Officer (CCO), who provides his perspective on how to address the “what” question based on his transformation leadership experience in the financial services industry and his time as CCO of Blue Prism.

Here’s what we discussed with Jet:

  • Why the “What should I automate?” question is asked so often
  • The role of the Center of Excellence (CoE) and others in sustaining automation momentum and finding new automation opportunities
  • Why understanding the “art of the possible” in intelligent automation is critical
  • Some proven methods in uncovering automation opportunities
  • What “digital first” truly looks like
  • What important skill set is often missing in the CoE

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