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The Imperatives of Automation Success

Time: 26:37
Transform NOW Podcast with Rob Whiteman and Rohit Panikkar of McKinsey & Company

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Intelligent automation is pervasive in today’s business environment, and organizations are looking to increase the probability that they will get the value they expect from their investment in automation.

On this episode, Blue Prism’s Brad Hairston talks with Rob Whiteman and Rohit Panikkar of McKinsey & Company who reveal their key learnings from McKinsey’s 2nd annual global survey on automation success.

Here’s what we talked with Michael and Mukesh about:

  • Market trends in the use of automation
  • Industry segments that have been slower to adopt automation
  • Automation technologies that companies are utilizing the most
  • The success rate of automation programs and how this is trending compared to last year
  • Key imperatives for automation success
  • How smaller companies are faring in the automation arena compared to larger companies
  • New automation trends that have surfaced during the pandemic

Resource mentioned in this episode:

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