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How to Recruit and Be Recruited in Intelligent Automation

Time: 50:57
Transform NOW Podcast How to Recruit and Be Recruited in Intelligent Automation

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As a career field, Intelligent Automation offers many roles well suited to women. And yet, women prove selective about the roles they apply to. They can get turned off if the job description proves alienating.

Are you curious about...

  • How to write a job description that will attract women?
  • How to write a resume that gets you noticed?
  • How to amplify your transferable skills?
  • Lift and shift your experience into an IA role?

During this webinar Asmaa' Sayed, Robin Coats, Matt Juden-Bloomfield, and Cari Williams share tips to make job postings more inclusive along with strategies to recognize and drive diversity in your organization. Plus, they explore how to get more women past the job posting and into the candidate pipeline.

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