Podcast | 61

Digital Transformation in the Telco Industry

Time: 21:21
Transform NOW Podcast with Jerry Hubbard of Blue Prism

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The Telco industry is being challenged on many fronts with the global pandemic pushing changes in bandwidth usage from work-at-home employees from clients while managing operations with their own remote employees.

Michael Marchuk discusses with Jerry Hubbard these challenges as well as how the Telco industry is handling the need for digital transformation to manage the demand for services.

Here’s what we talked with Jerry about:

  • Trends driving digital transformation in the Telco industry
  • Areas within a telecommunications provider business that can leverage a digital workforce
  • Unique challenges Telco companies are facing today
  • Trends impacting the deployment of the digital workforce inside Telco companies
  • How telco companies who are using intelligent automation today deliver impact?

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