Podcast | 62

AI for the Masses

Time: 34:02
Transform NOW Podcast with Chris Johannessen of Axis Group

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AI is no longer a luxury. It is a fundamental capability that is needed to survive in the new economy. Unfortunately, most organizations still treat AI as a specialized technology that only small teams of data scientists can handle.

On this episode, Blue Prism’s Brad Hairston talks with Chris Johannessen of Axis Group about how companies can more effectively benefit from AI across the enterprise.

Here’s what Brad and Chris talked about:

  • Why AI is essential to organizations going forward
  • Some of the most common applications of AI and how this will change in the future
  • Why many AI projects fail to meet expectations
  • How the emergence of AI will lead to new skill sets and new types of jobs
  • The missing link with AI
  • What Blue Prism is doing to make AI services more accessible
  • The outlook for industry consolidation in this space
  • What companies need to do to begin the intelligent automation journey

Resource mentioned in this episode:

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