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Landing Your Dream Job in IA: Session 3

Time: 53:51
Transform NOW Podcast Landing Your Dream Job in IA: Session 3

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Intelligent Automation (IA) is attracting talented people from various backgrounds and experiences. Understanding how others moved into this sector from other roles, companies, and industries can help identify opportunities and approaches to find your next great role.

On this episode of Generation Digital Workforce, our panel of women from the IA sector talk about how others got into the industry and what techniques and elements were useful to them.

The panel discusses:

  • What areas key talent came from prior to entering IA

  • What many IA professionals originally trained for

  • What experiences or accomplishments panelists were looking for when they entered the sector

  • How the sector has developed since they joined

  • How they used their experiences and aspirations to connect to their next role and successfully develop the next stage of their careers

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