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Transforming Life Sciences Through Intelligent Automation

Time: 26:36
Transform NOW Podcast with Fabrice Roche of Sia Partners and Duff Glaser of Blue Prism

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The life sciences industry is front and center right now as the race to a COVID-19 vaccine continues. As these organizations strive to be more agile and efficient while also adhering to strict regulatory requirements, the need for intelligent automation is more pressing than ever. On this episode, Blue Prism’s Brad Hairston talks with Fabrice Roche of Sia Partners and Duff Glaser of Blue Prism about how life sciences companies are reinventing themselves in the digital era.

Here’s what we talked with Fabrice and Duff about:

  • The unique aspects of the life sciences industry that must be factored into any solution or new technology utilized
  • The pace of intelligent automation adoption in life sciences and how that is changing
  • Intelligent automation use cases in life sciences
  • The “lab to life” approach to the automation journey
  • How the pandemic has impacted companies in the life sciences industry
  • One example of Blue Prism’s COVID-19 Response Program that has impacted life sciences
  • How life sciences companies can begin the digital transformation journey

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