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Digital Transformation and the Agile Company

Time: 20:05
Transform NOW Podcast with Jeff Wald of WorkMarket

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Automation and Agile Corporations

How we see our jobs will change as companies become more agile

In this episode, Michael Marchuk speaks with Jeff Wald, co-founder of WorkMarket – an ADP Company, and author of the book “The End of Jobs: The Rise of On-Demand Workers and Agile Corporations” about how companies will be looking at the way they source labor as the way we work changes. Jeff’s point of view on work and the way that we see our jobs will have to change as companies become more agile in the way they operate their business.

Here’s what we talked with Jeff about:

  • How the 4th Industrial Revolution is so much different than the first three
  • Trends that are driving the changes in the future of work
  • How people can adapt to these new roles in the workplace
  • How executives should be planning for this 4th Industrial revolution and building a more agile company

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