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The Future of Business: C-Suite Planning for the World of 2030

Time: 35:07
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How execs are reaching their goals

C-Suite executives are under continuous pressure to reduce cost, time and risk in their processes while increasing stakeholder (customer, employee, supplier, etc.) satisfaction.

On this episode, Blue Prism’s Brad Hairston talks with Ted Shelton, Expert Partner, Automation & Digital Innovation at Bain & Company, who talks about how executives can re-shape their companies to accomplish these goals through business process redesign and the utilization of a hybrid workforce.

Here’s what we discussed with Ted:

  • What C-Suite executives are facing today that is influencing how they define their 5-10 year plans
  • Work that will be redesigned to embrace a hybrid workforce
  • The importance of embracing AI
  • The implementation of intelligent automation compared to traditional IT approaches
  • How executives should view intelligent automation
  • Measuring the automation journey
  • One example of a business function that will dramatically change due to technology innovation and automation
  • How leadership teams should deal with the job impacts resulting from transformation
  • Call to action for the C-Suite – How to prepare for the future of work

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