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Getting the Blueprint Right: Best Practices for RPA Process Requirements

Time: 19:16
Transform NOW Podcast with Khatina Brunson of Blue Prism

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When you're configuring your automation, you need a blueprint because a blueprint will tell you what you're building. Once you've decided which process you want to automate, you also need a process to follow. And when you create requirements for automated processes, you'll want to generate a requirements document for future reference.

What are the best practices for RPA process requirements?

In this episode of Generation Digital Workforce, Khatina Brunson, customer success manager at Blue Prism, discusses how companies can implement best practices for RPA processes.

Here's what we talked with Khatina about:

  • Preliminary steps to start the process
  • What makes a good requirements document for automation
  • How to capture the details (the level of detail is more intense than most people are used to)
  • What to avoid when building requirements

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