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A Founding Father Speaks on the Future of the Intelligent Digital Workforce

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Working between 2008 and 2015, a handful of innovators configured the robotic operating model to roll out the digital workforce at scale. On this episode of the podcast, we talked to one of those innovators about his predictions for what the digital workforce will look like in the next 24-36 months.

Neil Wright, strategic advisor at Blue Prism, the pioneer and market leader in Robotic Process Automation, predicted:

  • Thousands of digital workers transcending all areas of enterprise organizations
  • More and more of those digital workers being leveraged on demand from the cloud
  • Much more intelligence

Here's what else we talked with Neil about:

  • What the digital workforce will take from the human workforce
  • How the line will blur between human and digital workers over time
  • The #1 thing hiring managers should be thinking about to prepare for growth of the digital workforce
  • The difference between a digital assistant and a digital workforce
  • The coolest thing a digital worker can do
  • And the brand-new human jobs that automation will create.

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