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Advancing Digital Maturity in Workflow Automation

Time: 20:32
Transform NOW Podcast with Chris Byers of Formstack

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Workflow Automation - Delivering better Customer Experience

In this episode, host Michael Marchuk talks with Chris Byers about a recent industry study on the state of digital maturity in workflow automation.

This report highlighted a number of findings related to the investments needed to advance maturity as well as the various industries that are lagging behind on their digital transformation journeys. The way people work is shifting, and customer preferences are changing. Organizations that aren’t as digitally mature see negative impacts on productivity, employee retention, and customer satisfaction. Listen in to discover how to move forward in your transformation journey.

Here’s what we talked with Chris about:

  • Reported gaps that are inhibiting digital acceleration and maturity
  • Which industries are making the biggest strides and which ones are lagging behind (and why)
  • How customer experience is impacted by digital maturity in automation

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