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AI Ushers in Next-Gen Prior Authorization in Healthcare

Time: 32:22
Transform NOW Podcast with Dr. Mahi Rayasam of McKinsey & Company

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In this podcast, we talk about:

  • The role of AI in healthcare today
  • Why the prior authorization process is ripe for RPA and AI
  • What specific AI and automation technologies can be leveraged to make the prior authorization better
  • What prior authorization can look like with AI applied to it
  • The primary benefits of RPA and AI in the prior authorization process for providers, payers, and patients
  • The importance of skilled human decision points in this process
  • Challenges healthcare providers and payers need to overcome in order to take advantage of RPA and AI

Automating the "Gateway" to Healthcare Services

The prior authorization process is one of the most laborious, painstaking aspects of healthcare today with negative impacts on patients, healthcare providers, and healthcare payers. On this podcast, Brad speaks with Dr. Mahi Rayasam, partner at McKinsey & Company, who explains how artificial intelligence can make a huge difference in this area and why now is the appropriate time to pursue it.

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