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ASB Bank Leverages Intelligent Automation to Overcome Pandemic Challenges

Time: 12:00
Transform NOW Podcast with Rachel Swindells of ASB Bank

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Put Innovation and IA at the Heart of Digital Transformation

Rachel Swindells, Intelligent Automation Capability Lead at ASB Bank, talks through how their approach to automation has evolved alongside the technology, how they've handled challenges arising from the pandemic, and how intelligent automation has helped them achieve their transformation goals. ASB Bank is one of New Zealand's leading financial services providers offering current accounts, loans and mortgages, savings and investments, foreign exchange, insurance and commercial services. Their intelligent automation program has been running for three years and reaches into most functions within the organization.

According to Swindells, the impact varies across each of the business units. Some of them are working hand in hand with robots on a daily basis while others are heavily reliant on them to complete their daily work, and then on the far spectrum you've got those who appreciate the help and support but can afford for their back log to build up a little bit if they need to pivot their workforce elsewhere.

Here’s what we talked with Rachel about:

  • How they have dealt with challenges from the pandemic and how they're putting innovation and intelligent automation at the heart of their RPA program
  • Use cases and how the automation team is using its technology to better support bank staff and customers
  • How to enable employees through intelligent automation

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