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Automating Retail Replenishment with Cogent

Time: 34:41
Transform NOW Podcast with Pieter Grobbelaar and Waseer Haffajee of Cogent

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Digital Workers Address Retail Supply Chain Woes

The retail industry has certainly felt the brunt of the global pandemic in a variety of ways, and retailers across the globe see intelligent automation as a way to turn things around. On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Pieter Grobbelaar, CEO of Cogent, and Waseer Haffajee, Chief Automation Officer of Cogent, who explain how their turnkey, end-to-end automation solution addresses one of the retail industry's biggest pain points, the replenishment process.

Here’s what we talked with Pieter and Waseer about:

  • How Cogent is a different type of delivery partner for Blue Prism
  • Why the retail industry is ripe for automation
  • Why replenishment became the focus of Cogent’s retail automation solution
  • The full scope of Cogent’s retail replenishment solution, Retialyx
  • How Retialyx brings advanced capabilities into play
  • Benefits realized to date by a large retailer that is leveraging Retialyx

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