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Automating the Contact Center - Part 1

Time: 29:05
Transform NOW Podcast with Cameron Smith of Genesys

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Delivering Superior Customer Experiences Every Time

Customers today have zero tolerance for poor service and expect hyper-personalized experiences across every channel. People will simply walk away if they encounter a sub-optimal experience. On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Cameron Smith, VP Product Management of Genesys, and Satish Shenoy, RVP of Strategic Technology Alliances & Partnerships at Blue Prism, who explain how intelligent automation in the contact center is absolutely essential to meeting customer expectations going forward.

Here’s what we talked with Cam and Satish about:

  • Why the contact center become such a key priority for many organizations these days
  • The biggest challenges facing contact centers
  • How Blue Prism and Genesys combine to address these challenges
  • The top benefits that companies realize from using intelligent automation in the contact center
  • Use cases involving Blue Prism and Genesys working in tandem
  • How the contact center will evolve in the future

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