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Automation Is Not the End Game of RPA

Time: 29:30
Transform NOW Podcast with Gary Smith of Blue Prism

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Unlocking the Value of a Digital Labor Source

All too often, emerging technology fails to transform an organization because it is not fully understood and/or fully applied. This definitely applies to Robotic Process Automation, as many companies miss the overall value proposition of a digital workforce. On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Gary Smith, a sales strategy leader and longtime RPA practitioner at Blue Prism, who sheds light on the core misperception about RPA and how we can correct it.

Here’s what we talked with Gary about:

  • The biggest myth about RPA and why it’s so problematic
  • The shortcomings of human labor that digital labor can mitigate
  • What is keeping most companies from viewing the digital workforce as an alternative labor source
  • How the pandemic changed perceptions about RPA
  • Major challenges/crises companies are facing where digital labor could make a difference
  • How to fully debunk the myth that RPA is all about automation
  • Examples of companies committed to transforming the division of labor within their organizations

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