Podcast | 156

Automation is the Catalyst for Change

Time: 38:23
Transform NOW Podcast with Jet Theuerkauf of Blue Prism

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Taking a Bolder Step in the Intelligent Automation Journey

Intelligent automation has matured to the point where it can play a pivotal role in helping companies achieve genuine business transformation. On this podcast, Brad speaks with Jet Theuerkauf, Chief Customer Strategy and Transformation Officer of Blue Prism, who explains how in his role he is helping Blue Prism build out the IP and technical platform to facilitate customers elevating their automation capability to a much more strategic level and getting exponentially more business value, as a result.

Here’s what we talked with Jet about:

  • What has enabled the significant evolution of RPA
  • Why companies need to recognize and utilize digital workers as an alternative labor source
  • How automation teams should be positioned organizationally
  • How automation programs are handling change management
  • The correlation between re-engineering/re-imaging work and enterprise transformation
  • How zero-based design is unique and enables transformation
  • Some of the innovative/strategic things coming down the road from Blue Prism

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