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Bridging the Gap Between Humans and Machines With NLP

Time: 26:49
Transform NOW Podcast with Dr. Ed Challis of re:infer

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Understanding Business Conversations at Scale

All organizations engage in thousands of business conversations each day. Whether they are simple or complex, each of them can be interpreted and acted upon. But how do you make sense of them in aggregate and accurately gauge what your stakeholders, your investors, your customers, and your employees are saying? On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Dr. Ed Challis, CEO and Co-Founder of re:infer, who explains how companies are using natural language processing to efficiently and effectively interpret and act upon the myriad of business conversations taking place on an ongoing basis and also leverage the learnings from these interactions at a macro level.

Here’s what we talked with Ed about:

  • How re:infer functions as a communications intelligence platform
  • What makes business communications so complex
  • The communication channels interpreted by re:infer
  • How re:infer’s natural language processing capability works
  • Key benefits companies realize from natural language processing
  • Why natural language processing is a key component of digital transformation
  • Relevancy of re:infer across industries
  • How Blue Prism and re:infer complement each other
  • The future of natural language processing

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