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Building Enterprise Value through Automation at Eversource

Time: 22:34
Transform NOW Podcast with Rockie Solomon of Eversource

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Enterprise Automation at Eversource | Delivering $15 M in Annual Benefits

In this episode, Rockie Solomon from Eversource shares her journey to create an enterprise automation program that not only delivers significant business benefits, but also engages employees to build strong adoption of the automation program.

Here’s what we talked with Rockie about:

  • Why governance is so critical when developing an enterprise-grade automation program
  • How Eversource generated $15 M in annual benefits using Blue Prism enterprise automation
  • Why employee engagement accelerated the automation program

Eversource Success Story

Learn more about how Eversource boosted customer and employee engagement using intelligent automation in this case study.

$15M value delivered; 150K hours back to the business; scale

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