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Deploy, Scale, and Transform with Strategic Automation

Time: 30:25
Transform NOW Podcast with Abhi Kadian of Westpac Banking Corporation

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Automation Expert Shares the Path to Automation Excellence

Businesses are using automation today to serve customers better in moments that matter. In this episode, Xina Seaton talks to Abhi Kadian, an automation expert with a digital workforce of more than 100 managing millions of transactions shares his top 5 on both the key success factors and challenges for companies deploying automation.

He shares how leaders and businesses can develop automation-minded talent for the digital world we are living in plus sheds light on his predictions for what’s next and how to approach going from fully manual on one end of the spectrum to fully automated on the other.

Here’s what we talked with Abhi about:

  • Top five success factors for companies deploying automation
  • Top five challenges that successful automation programs will need to overcome
  • What leaders and managers can do to develop automation-minded talent
  • What's next for the automation 'industry' and why it's a must for any business

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