Podcast | 153

Digital Capabilities Require Rethinking Organizational Design

Time: 31:33
Transform NOW Podcast with Amahl Williams of Reveal Group

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The Evolution of Automation and Digital Capabilities

The evolution of intelligent automation and the increase of digital capabilities is requiring organizations to rethink the organizational design. On this podcast, Xina Seaton talks with Amahl Williams, partner at Reveal Group, about the shift the industry has seen over the last 5 years. We explore the criticality of change management as digital colleagues change the job roles and definitions of their human counterparts and how this is influencing the jobs of the future.

Here’s what we talked with Amahl about:

  • The shift in strategic thinking on automation over the past 5 years
  • What digital capabilities mean and the impact on organizational design
  • How people will interact with digital capability in the company of the future

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