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Digital Transformation Using Zero-based Design

Time: 24:27
Transform NOW Podcast with Rohit Panikkar and Sai Tunuguntla of McKinsey & Company

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Unlocking Enterprise Efficiencies by Re-thinking Work

Startups often have an advantage against industry incumbents. They are able to think differently about the outcomes they're trying to achieve and start with a fresh look on how they can create value. The Zero-Based Design principles that partners Rohit Panikkar and Sai Tunuguntla describe in this episode will show how established organizations can take this fresh-look approach and develop impactful ways of reimagining work just like a startup. You'll be inspired to start the zero-based design journey after hearing how the experts describe its transformational value!

Here’s what we talked with Rohit and Sai about:

  • How Zero-based Design fundamentals really work
  • How culture changes in a zero-based design organization
  • What established organizations can do right now to start their zero-based design transformation

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